Phoenicia Diner in Phoenicia, NY

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inkstainedmoon said: Does NPR ever offer positions to highschool students?


No. Here’s my advice for you, if you’re in high school: Don’t worry about your job or career at this point. Try as many things as possible. If you want to make radio, make radio. If you want to join a band, join a band. There’s enough time to think about this stuff later. Life is not a resume; a resume is not a life. 

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Best Coast, Amy Ruppel

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On climbing

At least I know where these bruises on my knees and shins are coming from. 

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Due to events over the past couple of days, I’ve been in a constant state of “wtf.” 

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- eBay for everything

- slow cooker recipes

- indecisive haircut ideas

- should I buy a keyboard? 

- drinking less (not my choice)

- friends’ crises 

- trip planning

- must make weak body parts strong!

- avoiding real pants

Yesterday I had to explain that I was late due to a virtual GNI.

I finally uploaded pictures from my weekend trip to San Luis Obispo. 



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What do you do when two of your closest, oldest friends (who are also dating) are having a huge argument and you know one of them is obviously in the wrong, but you don’t want to take sides?



Switching it up: White on the floors, wood on the walls

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Thanks for taking me to my first big concert.

Thanks for taking me to my first big concert.